Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Big Reveal

I have finally finished the Fresh Stitches CAL and I’m extremely pleased with the results :)

As you’ve probably noticed from my previous posts, I am a massive fan of Stacey, Fresh Stitches.  I love her patterns, I love her blog, I love her Ravelry group, I suppose I have a bit of a crochet-crush!  Many of my previous creations are from Fresh stitches patterns because I think they are modern, cute and the kind of thing you would find in many shops today (I love to smugly tell my friends I could make the baby boots or rattle in John Lewis they’re cooing over for less than half price!)

Kanga, photobombed by Sas

This CAL is my favourite pattern to date.  I’m so happy with the end product, a cute Kangaroo and even cuter little Joey to live in her pouch. 

The Joey was so tiny to put together...

But the finished product is just so cute!

I really enjoyed that there were a couple of unusual pieces to make; the tail involves crocheting some shorter rows and then stitching around the sides created as well as around to make the bend in the tail, which eventually balances the Kanga so it can stand properly.  The legs were a little fiddly; but I rather liked the challenge of making things look the same on both sides (although if you had heard me at the time you may not have thought I was enjoying myself!)  I also liked how it was made up of lots of different pieces as this held my interest so much more than one continuous piece of crocheting.  

This project is going to take centre stage in my craft room as I’m not sure I can bare to give it away to anyone else!  Do you have any finished projects that you love too much to give away?  Until then...x

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