Sunday, 3 November 2013

Shhhhhh! It's my yarn winder!

My family don't quite understand my crochet obsession.  Coop is really good about it all; probably because he has an ulterior motive - the more I crochet, the more uninterrupted time he has with his Playstation!  But the rest of my family find it hard to see the appeal.    They watch with confused glances as I hook away by the fire, and meet my new creations with a mediocre "Oh that's nice".  Luckily for me though, they pretend admirably when it comes to presents.  I saw a brief wrinkle pass across my mum's face when she asked what I would like for Christmas this year as I answered swiftly back "posh yarn, a yarn bowl and a yarn winder", but she nodded in agreement and gave me some pennies so that I could get what I wanted.  

Do you remember this:

Oy, that was a frantic week, made only harder by this tangled mess staring at me every time I walked through the kitchen.  Luckily for me, one of the christmas presents I had procured was a yarn winder.  Once I'd spent quite possibly in the region of 6-8 hours untangling this, there was no way I could leave the winder in the box and risk this happening again.  And anyway, I had to be sure that the yarn winder worked ok before I handed across to mum to be wrapped, right?

So here it is:

It's just a cheapy one, bought on Amazon for around £16, and there are plenty similar ones out there to choose from.  It works ok; the little clamp tightens up nicely onto my dining table, and although it works slightly loose over time, it was fine for what I needed.  The part that didn't work so well and caused a little frustration was the tension arm (the little wire piece on the left hand side).  It tucks away for easy storage, pulling out when in use, and is supposed to click in place so that the yarn is at the appropriate tension to make a nice, tightly wound ball.  However, this one doesn't really click, and so fairly regularly the yarn ends up all over the place as the tension is lost.  This could be overcome by holding the yarn in a certain position that prevented the arm from slipping, but it makes the process a bit slower and fussier.  

Having said that, I'm no major yarn winder, and so it will do just fine for my needs.  The little cakes it produces are neat, centre-pull balls which are easy to work with.  Once I'd wound one, I hunted around for extra yarn so I could wind even more!

For now, the winder is back in it's box and in the safe care of my parents.  I didn't mention that I'd given it a whirl (ha!) and am practicing my surprised face for when I open it on Christmas Day.  I'm also planning all the little yarn cakes I cam make once it's officially mine...


  1. Hahahah funny that you tried it out and then gave it to them only to give it back to you.

    Love those little yarn cakes, I need to get a winder one of these days, probably a cheapy one too, just so long as it does the job!

    - J

    1. I know! My mum loves christmas and giving gifts, so we all know that we need to look surprised - even if you've bought the gift for yourself! I just couldn't resist giving it a quick try. What she doesn't know won't hurt her right?!

  2. I'm hunting for a winder and ran across your post!


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