Sunday, 27 April 2014

Beautiful Norfolk

At last the cheerier weather has allowed us to wander around the beautiful countryside that surrounds glorious Norfolk.  We are rather spoilt in Norfolk; within a short drive of my house I have the choice of beautiful sandy beaches, luscious green countryside, the world famous Broads or light-dappled forests, all perfect for a lazy dog walk.

On this occasion, we decided to meet with friends and stroll around Burgh Castle ruins.  Burgh Castle was a Roman Fort built to prevent Saxon attacks to villages along the River Waveney.  Now, three of the four original walls are still standing, and it has beautiful views over the Norfolk marshes.

There is nothing Sas loves more than to join his little pack and head out for a day of adventuring (both human and four-legged pack mates)...

Can you see the beautiful ruins in the background?

The lovely Hugo found it all a bit much at times

The view out across the marshes

A lovely little windmill stands in the distance

Our pack; 2 huskys, 2 beagles and 1 labrador 

Although the weather was still a little gloomy at times, there was breaks of blue, blue sky and even a glimpse of sunshine. I even began to think Summer could be on it's way...


  1. Beautiful-I'm ashamed to admit I have never been there in ask my years living in Norfolk. Oh, and summer must be here - I got bitten by an insect! ;-)

    1. Oh Jen if you're ever round this way, it really is a lovely place for a wander. Lovely views of the Broads, big green open fields, it's everything I love about my life here :)


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