Saturday, 12 October 2013

Unbelievable things to see...

This week has been the most unbelievable week for me.  Sheldon has hit the big time and it's taken me completely by surprise.  Don't get me wrong, I think he's a cool little guy (yeah I know I'm biased but still... he's a little cutey, right?!) but when I posted a pattern link to the Yarndale forum on Ravelry I didn't expect the reaction I got.  To be completely honest, I was waiting for someone to tell me they'd deleted my post because it was cheeky of me to put it there in the first place.  

But that's not what happened.

Things went crazy!  I have been completely overwhelmed by the lovely, kind, warmhearted things people have said.  That crocheters and knitters from all kinds of places have taken the time to not only stop by and read my blog but to comment, email, like and follow things has just astounded me.  I was so worried about how Sheldon's pattern would be received; anxious about any mistakes or confusions that might be discovered but it seems I had no reason to panic.  In fact, there are a few Sheldon's already made! It has been the best feeling to see other Sheldons cropping up around the internet.  You can take a look at a couple here if you like.  Aren't they fab?!  All of this has just proven once again what a gracious, accepting community the crochet world is, and I'm so grateful to be a part of it.  

Spending so much time replying to these messages has confirmed one thing to me though.  I need glasses.  Really need them.  I used to wear glasses for work, but over time became certain that I did just as well without them.  Now however, that's not so true.  I've noticed that the laptop page is magnified a little more each time I need to read something, and at work my nose is almost bumping the screen I'm sitting so close to it!  

So today I picked up two new sparkly pairs of glasses.  Thick plastic geeky ones, as I just don't like the really normal looking ones (perhaps I can't fight the true geeky scientist in me any longer).  I'd forgotten how good things were supposed to look.   That small print on the bottom of the letter?  Read it.  The man and his dog that Sas has got his eye on in the distance?  Saw it.  People's faces on the telly?  Blur free.  All day I have been putting my glasses on and off, admiring how much clearer things seem.  I decided to settle down with a book, iced bun and cup of hot chocolate just to appreciate how much better reading is with my glasses on :)

It's going to take a while to get used to wearing glasses again, and at the moment I'm wearing them around the home so I recognise myself with them.  Maybe one day when I'm feeling brave, I'll let you see me in my new geeky glasses, but for now, it's just Coop and Sas who have seen them, and neither seems to have particularly noticed a difference!

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