Monday, 13 January 2014

My birthday :D

Last week it was my birthday and what a fabulous birthday it was too.  Not quite a big one yet, but creeping ever closer.  

It was a nice quiet celebration which started as every birthday should; with a modest pile of presents!  Lovely Coop treated me to a fantastic new close up lens for my camera accompanied by this fabulous book 'The Crafter's Guide to Taking Great Photos" by Heidi Adnum.  I've only had the chance to flick through the pages so far, but I can't wait to sit down and have a good nose through the recommendations listed for each craft and have a chance to try them out.  

I was also spoilt by my fantastic friends too.  Leanne Leanne bought me a beautifully bright lunch bag so that I don't need to take my lunch to work in a carrier bag anymore (i think she may be ashamed to walk in with me?!)  she also treated me to a new cowl as I do like snuggling into a warm wooly scarf on these chilly winter days.  

I was also especially impressed with my next presents from A Bunch of Buttons.  Check these out...

Yep, hand crafted stamps just for me!  I can't even explain how overwhelmed I was by such lovely gifts; I really am lucky to have great friends and family who know me so well.  

It was a beautiful day luckily weather-wise and so Coop and I spent the afternoon on Gorleston seafront, trying out Sasuke's new scooter.  Yes, you read it correctly; a scooter for a dog.  I had the same reaction when it was sneakily delivered to my house without my prior knowledge.  But actually it's quite good!  As you know, Sas is a husky and so requires lots of exercise.  Being able to pull a scooter satisfies his innate urge to pull but also means that he is getting more exercise than normal.  Although I was a bit sceptical, it's actually pretty good fun.  
Very beautiful Gorleston beach

There were a few hairy moments involving pedestrians...
Although Squitchy is an exceptionally well behaved husky, they do so love to pull on their lead.  Having witnessed Sas with a scooter, I now know how much he must be holding back on a normal walk, as scooter pulling is almost effortless for him.   And fast!  Boy can he soon rack up some speed.  I'm a bit of a chicken about things like this, but Coop looooveeed being dragged up and down the seafront, and we certainly attracted a lot of attention!

We also went out to one of my favourite meals for an extra special treat in the evening.  The Wildebeest is a glorious restaurant just outside the city which serves picture perfect food.  We splashed out on a three course meal...

Ahhh it was sooooo good!  It's not often that I clear my plate for anything, let alone all three courses but I just couldn't resist.  It also made a nice change to get dressed up and make a bit of a fuss; it seems like ages since we have eaten out for the evening so it really felt like the perfect ending to a fantastic day.

So birthday number 29 lived up to my expectations surprisingly (early January birthdays are never good - everyone is too full up and spent out from Christmas).  Best I start planning on birthday number 30 if it's going to beat this one...  


  1. Happy belated birthday! Well, it's my message that is in fact belated, not your birthday. So many people I know are born at the start of January, including my own son, so I'm afraid I am one of those irresponsible mothers who got pregnant at an inconvenient time of year. I'm pleased that your birthday was a success. And that scooter is COOL! I wish I could have seen you guys!

    And as for the troll, bleurgh. What a sad individual. They must have a lot of problems in their life if making someone else feel small makes them feel better. It makes me sad for them. I had a real troll when I was little - she had purple hair and was called BamBam. I even smuggled her to a fireworks display against my Mums instructions when I was little!

    1. Thanks Jen! It sounds like your little man had a nice birthday too (ps I'm jealous he had a cake, I didn't this year and feel very cheated!)

      I've moved past my angry point towards the troll, and now only think of the same trolls you describe; I can very vividly remember holding troll fashion shows with my friends and making them outfits by cutting up my mums' old clothes - my favourite had rainbow coloured hair and I really did love her!


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