Sunday, 9 March 2014

Embroidery Love

Whilst I am certain my heart will always belong to crochet, a little chunk of it is slowly being given over to my newest hobby; embroidery.  I know it sounds pretty old-school, but I can't get enough of it!  So imagine how excited I was to win a Twitter competition and 20 skeins of  beautiful bright threads!  It was simple enough; Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine were giving away some DMC embroidery threads if you correctly guessed how many boxes of threads were in the picture and I managed to get it spot on (Yes, I had a lot of time on my hands that day and it was a combination of counting and clever calculation).  When Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine tweeted me whilst I was at work to tell me I was the winner, it absolutely made my day!  

The threads arrived quickly afterwards and there was some really lovely colour choices in there:

Today I made the most of the lovely little hint of sunshine that has covered the UK and spent some time in the garden organising my stash which has quite quickly spiralled out of control.   But oh how time consuming it was!  It's surprising how long it takes to wind these little bobbins and about half way through I wondered if I really needed to do it or if I could just shove the skeins in a drawer and pretend they weren't getting tangled, but knew that really that wouldn't work.  I stopped after I'd finished the pinks, purples and yellows...

But there's still a heap of blues and greens to go... (even with my furry little one 'helping')

So that should keep me busy for the next few nights after work!  How do you store your embroidery threads?

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  1. I don't have many embroidery threads, but they are shoved into various bags higgeldy piggeldy. There are some really cute organisation ideas on Pinterest - have you seen? If I were going to organise mine, it would of course, have to be in rainbow order! I like your little elephants, by the way - tres cute ^_^


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