Sunday, 18 August 2013

A husky in wolf's clothing

I guess you would have all noticed by now that there are two  three things that make me happy everyday; crochet and Sasuke, aka Squitchy to his friends. (Coop just saw what I’d written so I’ve guiltily upped it to three!)  However the two are a little mutually exclusive, Sas hates it when I pick up my crochet and settle into my favourite round cuddle chair, perfectly positioned by the window for good light in the day, and under the wall lights for nighttime hooky with plenty of room for my Ipad (for patterns and magazines), balls of yarn and bags of stuffing without it even feeling like a squash.  He knows that this means ‘do not disturb’ , and that I won’t give in no matter how many toys he brings or how much he patters his little furry feet for me.   (That being said, if he tilts his head in that way he does... well no one could resist THAT look - doesn’t he just know it too :D).  The second he sees the crochet case come out he slinks off to the kitchen with a suitably huffy sigh.  Crochet, in the same way, is not a massive fan of his exceptionally furry little body either.  No matter where I crochet, how well I store the yarn or how disciplined I am in closing my craft room door (oooh my craft room, I’ll have to give you a tour soon) everything ends up with bits of Squitchy hair in it.  My bestest friends now even just crochet through it rather than trying to  pick it out.  I gave up this never ending task a long ago.  

I’ve wanted to find something that would combine my two loves for a while now, but I couldn’t find a pattern that was cute enough, or realistic enough until I stumbled across this pattern by Adriana Aguirre.  Ok, strictly speaking it’s a pattern for a wolf, but wolves and husky are similar enough for me to snap up this pattern and commence work immediately after waiting to find something good enough for so long.  

I set to work on it using Chunky Special by Stylecraft.  It’s a pretty cheap yarn, around £2 for a 100g skein, and is a little squeaky as you work it along the hook, but it was available from my local yarn shop in the right colours, I’ve used it before so know it’s not splitty (which I absolutely cannot stand!), and  I got to pull out my 5mm hook which I haven’t used for quite some time.  

This is Squitchy's happy face.  He loves his new wolfy friend!

Photobombed again

I am pretty pleased with how he came out.  I particularly like the pointy shape to his head which is exactly how Sas looks.  I modified the tail a little so that it flares out and comes in just like Sas’ tail does more than what was suggested, but apart from that followed the pattern to the letter.  It makes me happy to have finally found and made something that I’ve been hoping to do for so long.  Are there any items that you’ve always wanted to make but haven’t quite found ‘the right one’ yet?

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