Thursday, 29 August 2013

Crochet chatter in unlikely places

I'm not a fan of granny squares.  Well, not not a fan, I suppose I don't really get what all the fuss is about.  Yeah they're cute, easy to make (if you don't mind all that joining, oy!) and a good pass the time project, but really granny squares, you need to try a bit harder if you're gonna get my attention.  

That being said, there's no way I could just ignore the cute baby blue and white squares that caught my eye today.  I was bustling through a quiet waiting room at work when I spotted a fellow crocheter hooking away.  Delicate, intricate cotton granny squares had built up in a neat little pile next to her.  I hesitated for a second, wondering if I'd seem like a crazy person if I were to strike up a conversation.  Would I think it was odd if a complete stranger complimented me?  But this was no stranger I told myself; she was a crocheter, a fellow yarn lover, this would be ok...

And it was.  I told her I loved her granny squares; she told me they were going to be a baby blanket of 63 squares but that she hadn't decided on the edging yet.  I spoke about how I crochet in a funny left handed/right handed combo mix, she mentioned she holds the hook unusually too (I'd noticed, but who's judging).  I shared my love of cotton, she admitted she'd never worked with it before.  She recommended Simply Crochet magazine, I suggested Inside Crochet and pretended I hadn't read Simply Crochet (she was so pleased with the find, I couldn't tell her I've bought every issue).  She showed me a picture of her first attempt at amigurumi, I gave her the web address for Ravelry to find more free patterns.  

Ahhh I was buzzing for the rest of the afternoon.  This brief interaction had made me so happy; an injection of crochet love when I least expected it was a welcome break from the mundanity of work, and to have this in depth conversation with someone I don't even know simply because of this one common bond - crochet - was just so nice.  

So I guess this is a warning, today gave me the green light that talking to random crocheters is an acceptable practice so if I see you and your hook out and about, there's a good chance I'llstop and talk to you as well!

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