Thursday, 15 August 2013

Busy busy busy!

Wow, this last couple of weeks have been so busy, I haven’t had a minute to myself.  My very good friend Harry visited last weekend from Essex.  She’s one of my most favouritest people in the whole world.  One of those friends that even though you haven’t seen them for a while, you pick up exactly from when you last spoke and carry on as if it were only last week.  She did however distract me from what I hoped to do, which was write a new post.  That and buying a fancy pants coffee machine (not me, Coop, but it took a whole day of sipping samples to decide, which was actually rather more exhausting than you would imagine).  Now we can have posh frothy coffees at home whenever we like, it’s quite a treat.  

I’ve still found time for a little crochet however (funny how that’s high on the priority list hey?!) Firstly, I’ve tried out my new goodies.  I spent some time trying out tunisian crochet.  I’m kicking myself because I found a fantastic blogger in Australia who has some great starter posts if you’ve never tried tunisian before and it seems that when I was tidying my blog list only the other day, I’ve deleted the link to her site.   I’m so annoyed with myself, partly (and selfishly) for me, I wanted to do some of her other stitches and also as I really wanted to share it with you.  I guess I’m a victim of technology, I have so many bookmarks saved across so many devices that I can’t remember where I’ve saved the things I like.  Ahh well, if it comes back to me I’ll make sure to add it in as the blog is really worth a visit.  Anyway, my tunisian tries were of the basic stitch (yep, it’s not just the blog that’s slipped my mind but the name of the stitch too) and the star stitch.

I really like the dense texture of the tunisian swatch I created.  It has a nice wooly jumper kind of feel to it.  It did curl up a lot though, it would probably take a fair amount of blocking to straighten it out (which is why it’s pinned to a board in my photos!)  The process was a bit faffy to begin with, but I soon got the hang of the long hook.  I had to be quite careful to crochet more loosely than I usually would, to allow the stitches to move along the ‘needle’ of the hook but overall I was very happy with the two stitches.  

I also turned my hand to broomstick lace.  I love love love how this looks; it’s so lacy and delicate.  The technique was a little trickier than for tunisian.  I’m still not sure I’ve worked out a comfortable way to hold the huge broomstick needle but I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  I think the poor technique is probably due to my squiffy style of crochet; I am left-handed but feel more comfortable crocheting with my right.  However, my crochet buddy A Bunch of Buttons always gets into fits of laughter when she watches me, as I have some strange hybrid left/right style where I might be holding the hook in my right hand, but my left is still doing all the work.  Ok it looks kind of funny but if it aint broke etc.  

What I would love some help on is what to do with the lovely broomstick lace.  Do you have an ideas?  I’ve stumbled over only a very limited variety of stitches and it seems to be mostly used for scarves.  Any suggestions would be gratefully received as it’s so pretty I want to do something with it.

I’m hoping to keep in better contact from now on and have a few posts already mulling over in my mind.  So until then...x

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