Saturday, 31 August 2013

Gifts for myself

I love receiving post.  Ok, not bills and mundane day to day normal letters, but parcels and packages are always exciting, even if I've bought it for myself.

This week I waited for 2 deliveries.  Firstly, I had treated myself to some new yarn.  Back at Christmas time, I asked for John Lewis vouchers so that I could treat myself to some 'posh wool'.  My friends and family were very generous, and so I bought a huge amount of Rowan's Amy Butler Organic Aran.  In my very limited experience, it is the best yarn I've come across.  A huge variety of modern bright colours, doesn't split and is nice on your fingers and as a finished item.  Ahh, I love it.  But the reason it was in the christmas sales was because it was being discontinued.  Hmmmph!  Well, I've mostly worked my way through my huge Christmas supply and have yet to find something that feels as soft, at a good price with a variety of colours.  I was thinking of hanging on until Yarndale, where I'm hoping there will be many yarn companies for me to chose from, but I gave in.  

Being discontinued, I have had to search hard to find a range of colours, and eventually bought my supply for several different companies.  But how happy I am!  4 different packages brought me my new supply with lots of lovely bright colours and I was inspired straight away.

My favourite colours in the batch; I love love love grey!

My little cupboard is now full up!
The other package I was even more excited about I've had to wait for, for around 4 weeks.  As I may have mentioned (just once or twice ha!) I'm off to Yarndale soon - 4 weeks today in fact.  I want to take my new DSLR camera with me as I'm sure there'll be lots of things to photograph, but the camera bag we have is huge, as it is large enough to carry all the accessories, extra lens and other things.  I didn't want to lug that around with me (it might limit how many new purchases I can carry!) so I found a beautiful handmade case on Etsy,  It was made specifically to suit my camera and lens so took a while to get here, but oh it was worth the wait!

The inside is made of a soft antistatic material

What was  really nice was the kind touches included in the package.  Not only had my camera case been beautifully wrapped to make sure it got to me safely, but the seller had included a postcard of her home town and a little thank you card which was very sweet. 

This weekend, there is plenty of crochet planned.  I am in the middle of making a small gift for a friend and am keen to find some fingering weight yarn so that I can take part in the Fresh Stitches Tiny CAL. I am also making plans for the Sheepish Yarn Bomb which I hope to take part in next weekend.  What are your plans for this weekend?  Will you be crafting in the sunshine?

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